Day 110: Curb your enthusiasm

Having 1093 days to plan a wedding might seem like an absolute dream to most people.

3 days short of 3 years to plan a huge party! Bliss right?

Short answer, not really.

I love being engaged, the past 110 days have been incredible. Mine and James’ relationship has grown so much, even in this short space of time. But really, the reason we got engaged was not to spend 3 years planning – we want to get married!

Before we got engaged, we talked about ‘when we get married’, and actually bickered about how quickly we should get married – I was of the opinion that 18 months was a perfect time scale, whereas James saw the year mark as the best.

But life doesn’t work out like that. James is a medical student, and I am a poor graduate. Both of us would like to be financially independent when we tie the knot, and that means paying for his university fees. So, life gets in the way and that 12 – 18 months has become 36 months.

Of course, that doesn’t stop me from being the most enthusiastic bride-to-be in the world. We’ve had a lot of “ooh you’re very organised aren’t you” from friends and suppliers that we’ve contacted, and it’s taking all of my strength to not just buy everything now and sit on it for 983 days.

As it happens, I wanted to know exactly when I was going to become a Mrs, and so we have actually booked three things: our church, our reception venue, and our photographer.

These are the three most important things in the marriage world to me: being joined together before God for life, being able to have a private space to celebrate with my family and friends, and to have the memories to look back over. Everything else is just detail – even if I got married in a bin bag with a pumpkin motif on the back, I wouldn’t look very good, but I would still be married… that said, I won’t be getting married in a bin bag.

Not me!

Especially if it had a pumpkin on the back.

So, my most important things are booked. And now, here I sit, looking on beautiful websites like Love my Dress and Rock My Wedding, yearning and Pinning like crazy.

We both desperately want to get married, and we will, but sometimes, you just have to curb your enthusiasm.


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