Day 124: Sarah Jane Ethan

After we booked our picturesque church and fabulous village hall for the setting of our wedding, the very first thing James and I did was book our fabulously talented photographer, Sarah Jane Ethan.

The capturing of our day is so important to us, as long after the wedding day is over we’ll be able to look at our photographs and reminisce endlessly about how great it was. Our children and grandchildren will be able to see our wedding in stunning detail, and I always secretly hope that some famous descendant of mine will be on “Who Do You Think You Are” in 150 years time and they’ll cry when they discover some old photo of Great-great Grandma Emily (I’m not narcissistic I promise).

That in mind, SJ was the first person I thought of to be our photographer. I’ve ooh-ed and ah-ed over her photography for a while now, and it was a no brainer. Her images are so natural and beautiful, and completely show the love and happiness that surrounds a wedding day. I honestly urge you to have a look at her website because the images are just stunning (her husband is also a fantastic photographer too!).

Of course, this was made doubly special when I watched a video on her website and I realised that SJ was the lady who prayed with me when I became a Christian six years ago!!

I felt like crying!

It will be so special to have her sharing in our day, especially seeing as she was there at the very start of my faith journey, and I can’t wait to get to know her more in the next 969 days.


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