Day 200: Only 10 months till Christmas!

Does anyone remember Christmas as a kid? When after the glitter and tinsel had been packed away, and New Year was really starting to feel comfortable (around this time, when you stop writing 2014, or for this analogy, 1998), you started to think about when Santa would be arriving again.

“Well it’s only another 10 months now!”

But that ten months seemed to go on forever. As a child, years seemed like decades, and it felt like you were going to be 100 before you turned 10 & you could say “I’m in double figures now!” (Like I will be for the next 89 years – I hope if I get to 100 I’ll be as excited as I was to be 10).

Of course, summer holidays flew by so quickly you forgot what day of the week it was when you were nine and three quarters, but Christmas was still always just out of reach. Those excruciating 12 months, anticipating the lights and the tree and the presents and the elf footprints in the sherbet.

That, friends, is how waiting to get married feels for 22 year old Emily. Today, we hit a milestone of 200 days engaged. Which now leaves another 893 days to go.

29 months left. I sort of feel like if I could speak to 9 year old me, I’d probably make me cry, because 10 months until Santa brings you a Bug’s Life nightlight is nothing!

Whilst I know it’ll be so much better than a Bug’s Life nightlight and a tangerine in a sock (please let it at least be better than a tangerine in a sock), sometimes I find it quite hard to imagine just how far away our wedding is.

Like those last few months before you turn 10, or last few hours before you can open your presents on Christmas Day, it feels like it might never end.

I’m being melodramatic of course, but sometimes all you want is that Bug’s Life nightlight.

Or a husband.


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